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Mario's Got Talent

Stage show

Desperate to make his dream come true, Mario “Superstar” Mario shows up on a talent show TV show. He is confident of winning, since he has been practicing for months in his parents' basement numbers inspired by videos gleaned from the Internet. Will his deep belief in his immense artistic potential be shared by the judges?

Mario has an incredible talent is a clownish solo without words integrating different circus techniques, magic, as well as an essential participation of the spectators. The latter are set up as a jury and their verdict is given by means of an applause meter reflecting their appreciation of the numbers. Mario is alternately hat manipulator, king of limbo, "live looper-beatboxer-breakdancer" and magician-illusionist... Between the hilarious failures of the character and the real exploits of the actor, we find moments of great sensitivity and complicity with the public.

Performer-creator HUGUES SARRA-BOURNET

Directed by YVES DAGENAIS       Magic Consultant Dr. JOSEPH CULPEPPER

Scenography and costume JEANNE DUPRÉ       Lighting RODOLPHE ST-ARNAUD

Beatbox-livelooping advisor RÉGIS ARCHAMBAULT       Breakdance consultant FRANÇOIS ISABELLE

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